A Marketing System for Measurable Results

Callaway Web Design is a family owned and award-winning digital and conventional marketing agency based in Paradise, California. Our agency is a leader in web design, web development, digital and conventional marketing for clients ranging in size from small to Fortune 500. As an industry leader, our mission is to integrate proven marketing processes with the latest cutting-edge technology. Through the use of our proven marketing system, we are able to deliver our clients measurable results.

A Marketing System for Measurable Results


Step 1: Envision

Callaway Web Design believes that any strategic plan begins with a basic vision. For this reason, the first step, in our system, focuses on understanding the client’s objectives, target audience and commitment to digital and/or conventional marketing. Once this understanding is in place, a strategy is created that is customized for each client.

Step 2: Design

Callaway Web Design understands that consumers need to be captivated visually while also having a clear and concise path to finding the information, product, or service they are searching for in a time efficient manner. With this in mind, we have designed the second step, in our system, to focus on design creations that combines purpose, functionality, creativity, and allows consumers to find what they are looking for in a blink of an eye.

Step 3: Build

Callaway Web Design recognizes the importance of committing not only to the objectives encompassing each client project, but to the available technologies necessary to effectively execute the defined vision. In order to maintain this commitment, the third step, in our system, incorporates technologies immersed in the ideas of reliability, responsiveness, scalability, and maintainability. Such technologies include cutting edge content management systems, eCommerce solutions, secure hosting environments, and proven digital and/or conventional marketing applications.

Step 4: Attract

Callaway Web Design embraces the importance of all forms of digital/conventional advertising and marketing.  For this reason, the fourth step, in our system, utilizes keyword phrase search strategies and targeted online and traditional advertising. Through targeted natural and paid search engine results, our system ensures that our clients’ information, products, and services place with or above the competition. Integral to our system is that we encourage all clients to proactively reach out to prospects and existing customers on a regular basis. By continually embracing prospects and active consumers, clients can ensure their fair share of the marketplace.

Step 5: Examine

Callaway Web Design understands that every click or view does not equal a consumer. Step five, in our system, ensures that digital and conventional media users are engaged and can easily interact with our clients’ information, products, and services. Using proven analytical processes, our system allows us to know where visitors originate, patterns of interaction, and conversion trends.  This information allows us track, measure and analyze each visitor in order to ensure that each client project never remains static.

Step 6: Connect

Callaway Web Design realizes that digital and conventional media users demand content-rich interaction. For this reason, step six, in our system, is designed to ensure that digital and conventional media users are connected to each clients’ brand by integrating platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Further, our system ensures that such integrated platforms are effectively monitored and measured to ensure the reputation of our clients’ brand.

Step 7: Engage

Callaway Web Design understands that digital and conventional marketing leads must be attended to on a regular basis. The last step, in our system, utilizes strategies that can be effectively utilized to convert leads to sales. In order to complete this conversion in a timely fashion, our system integrates a wide range of CRM tools allowing our clients’ sales teams to focus on what is important…the consumer.

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